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Become an Affiliate Today!

Become an Affiliate Today!

Pay2Trade is a community platform. Our mission is to help people navigate cryptocurrency markets and ease the process in becoming a crypto investor. Becoming an affiliate means partnering with us to help us achieve our goal.


If you want to get involved with Pay2Trade but can’t afford it or don’t have enough investment capital this is the perfect way to earn yourself extra income!

That’s right, you do not need to be a Pay2Trade member to be an affiliate.

Levels of Achievement

Levels of Achievement​

As you progress as an affiliate and reach new milestones, we have amazing prizes waiting for you.







Becoming an affiliate is a genuine way to earn serious cash. We want you to get involved and earn as much money as possible. If you get 500 members to sign up, something very possible, that’s $7500 monthly. With all that extra capital, you can make life changing profits by following Pay2Trade and becoming an investor.

How to register as an affiliate: