Frequently Asked Questions:

Pay2Trade functions within Telegram and provides you with access to a private group where Michael will share his secrets to earning millions by trading cryptocurrency. Michael also uploads unlisted YouTube videos which breakdown crypto markets in great detail. You can watch these anytime, at your own convenience.

Note: You must download Telegram to get access to the private group.

Yes, Pay2Trade does all of the hard work for you. All you have to do is execute trades. It is your responsibility to set up a trading account and follow through on the actionable insights provided. Beyond that, there is no need to understand the prognosis of the markets. However, the information is there to teach you, if you’re interested in learning.

Currently, we accept a wide variety of crypto currencies on the binance smart chain. These payments do not require a KYC (know your client), and are completely anonymous. In other words, you do not require inputting any personal information to process payment.

When you purchase your membership, you will be granted access to an exclusive Telegram community where you will find:

  • Live Trading Signals, watch and learn from every trade Michael makes
  • Market analysis updates daily
  • Strategic planning in the market weekly
  • Current risk analysis of the market weekly
  • Weekly in depth YouTube video links 3 times per week
  • New and exciting content updates constantly


This community is also a place to converse with other crypto traders on their thoughts within the market and potentially learn from more experienced traders.

From our main webpage, https://paytotrade.com click any of the subscribe now button and furthermore click on which subscription you’re interested in purchasing. This will open the Telegram app and automatically start a conversation with our “Pay2Trade Bot” which will assist you in processing payments.

You can also directly message this bot “/start” and begin the process from within telegram.

No, if you purchase either a monthly or yearly membership, you must manually purchase again or you will be removed from the group when your subscription is over. There is no cryptocurrency payment method that exists which allows for auto-renewal payments.

Be very careful who you contact on Telegram. We have a direct support chat which is available to the public. This general support chat will answer any questions you may have in regards to Pay2Trade and/or help resolve any issues. To access it click on the link below:


You can also email us directly:


Pay2Trade is directly correlated with Michael’s own cryptocurrency LockPay. 80% of all revenues generated supports buy-backs for the coin which promotes a positive chart. The other 20% funds the operations of this project, including marketing, employee salaries, miscellaneous costs and more.